Best Home Exercises In 2018


As we come closer to the end of 2018, there have been some amazing improvements with home training equipment. So, what are the best home exercises & which equipment should you be utilizing right now?

Not everybody has time to get to the gym for training, so i’m going to break down my recommended home exercises with equipment to get results faster!

Let’s get started!

Tribe Resistance Training Band Exercises

Resistance training bands are becoming increasingly popular for hypertrophy / strength based resistance training. The type of training bands have evolved over the past year, you can now combine & attach bands. This is great for adding extra resistance with your workouts.

Some of my recommended banded exercises are below:

Banded Resistance Squats

Stand on band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Holding a handle in each hand, bring the top of the band over each shoulder. (If it’s too long, secure band in place by crossing your arms at your chest.) Sit straight down, chest up, abs firm, pressing knees out over your toes. Rise back up to start position and repeat for 8 to 12 reps.

Banded Bent-Over Row

You can do it, put your back into it. Stand over the center of the band with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend slightly at the knees and hinge at the waist, keeping your hips back. Grasp each handle with hands facing the outside of your knees. With elbows bent, pull the band up toward your hips, squeezing your shoulder blades together until your elbows form a 90-degree angle. Lower and row for 10 to 12 rep

Banded Chest Press (standing)

Anchor the tube band on a cable column or sturdy support at chest height. Grab each handle with your back to the band. Step forward to reduce slack, positioning your hands at chest height. With elbows up and palms facing down, press the band straight out in front of you until your arms reach full extension, and squeeze those chest muscles. Return to starting position and press on for 12 to 15 reps.

I would highly recommend the Tribe Resistance Training Bands are an 11 piece set, which come with all the latest pro accessories. What’s the benefits of tribe resistance bands over the rest?

  • They have extra thick high-grade silicon that won’t dry out, deform, or snap
  • You can combine two or more bands for a custom weight tension resistance up to 105 lbs
  • Comes with multiple weight tension bands and dozens of band combination
  • Attach the soft-grip handles to any combination of resistance bands for a custom tension that is just right for your body
  • Easy to transport with the 11PC Premium Resistance Bands Set includes the convenient Tribe Carry Bag

Heavy Duty Kettlebells

Similar to having a set of home dumbbells, a 3-piece set of HDPE kettlebell’s are a fantastic addition to your home training routines. If your goal is to tone up, build strength and muscle definitions, then you will want to start using kettlebells!

The 3 most important exercises I recommend are the following:

Kettlebell Swing

Drop into a quarter-squat and let the kettlebell hang between your legs. Explosively extend your knees and snap your hips forward, propelling the kettlebell in an upward arc, keeping your arms straight. The kettlebell should be moved by the force generated from opening your hips. Your arms are only used to guide the weight, not lift it. When the weight reaches eye level, let it drop down following the same arc. Seamlessly descend into a quarter-squat and snap your hips and send it back up.

Kettlebell Rows

This exercise targets the upper and middle back and the biceps, using one arm at a time while leaning on a bench or in a bent-over standing position with both feet on the ground and rowing both arms simultaneously. Start by holding the kettlebell handle with your arms extended. Then you keep your core muscles tight and your spine neutral as you “row” the weight up.

Kettlebell Squats

Hold the kettlebell in both hands with the handle pointing upwards. You can hold the kettlebells by the body rather than by the handle in this position if easier.

As you get stronger and more comfortable with the movement you can add a press into the top of the exercise (see image below) to increase even more muscle activation.

The 3 set kettlebells I recommend are HDPE designed with a base rack. These 3 weight choices of 5lb, 10lb and 15lb are perfect for home use with gradual strength gains. The benefits of the 3 piece HDPE Kettlebell set are as follows:

  • Weights of 5, 10, and 15 pounds, helping you target all major muscle groups in a variety of exercise options
  • Wide and comfortable grips make these weights easy to hold and ideal for the maneuverings of kettle bell exercises
  • Included base rack provides a location for easy storage and keeps the kettlebells organized when not in use
  • 5-Pound Kettlebell: 5″(Dia) x 8.5″(H); 10-Pound Kettlebell:6.5″(Dia) x 9.5″(H); 15-Pound Kettlebell: 7″(Dia) x 11″(H)


Titan Fitness Battle Rope

This Titan Fitness Battle Ropes are performance-grade with comfortable grips and tightly braided construction, so it can be tied up in the rafters and used to climb.

I’ll outline my 3 most recommended home exercises for utilizing the battle ropes below:

Alternating Waves

Using both arms while keeping your core stable, swing one arm up with the opposite down. Ensure you keep your core stable & neutral throughout the entire set.

Double Arm Waves

Using both arms while keeping your core stable, swing the ropes up at the same time. Ensure you keep your core stable & neutral throughout the entire set.

Double Arm Slam Jump

Using both arms the same as a double arm wave, add a jump as high as you can, with a squat between each rep. Ensure you keep your core stable & neutral throughout the entire set.

The Titan Fitness Battle Ropes are beneficial with including the following:

  • Lifting exercises like waves, throws, & slams; Available in 30’-50’ long, 1.5” & 2” diameter
  • Requirements Pole or tree to wrap around; Anchor or hook best for inside usage; Check out the Titan Fitness wall mounts!
  • 30’ long x 1.5” wide weighs 19 lb
  • Won’t fray or leave fibers on the floor; Water resistant; Handles are heavy duty
  • Helps build core and arm strength; Great for burning calories and fat

Well there you have it! My top exercises with recommended equipment for utilizing some killer home workouts!

If you’re looking for a transformation program already setup & ready to go & backed by evidence based techniques, definitely check out the 90 Day Fitness Model Challenge.

Leave a comment with your favourite home workout & exercises!

As always, happy lifting!