Is Diet Soda Really Bad For You?


The debate has been raging for quite a while now regarding diet soda and whether it’s a healthy alternative or not so healthy alternative. Well i’ve done the research i’ve got the scientific literature and i’m ready to finally debunk the myths once and for all, let’s get started.

Why Do I Keep Hearing About Diet Soda Being Bad For You?

The research which was completed was most probably based on “variables“, meaning the research was designed to link relationships between variables and see the effects of the variables in future studies.

These studies are also always based on people who are already unhealthy or currently have a poor diet, there have been no studies as of yet which are based on people on the same diet. There was also a study (Northern Manhattan Study), which found links between diet soda and vascular events, however as soon as pre-existing health conditions were considered, these findings faded away.

Studies for weight loss regarding comparing the effects of diet soda against non-caloric beverages were also conducted and there were no significant differences with weight loss found. These findings suggest that the issue is more with the habits of the consumer rather than singling out focusing primarily on the diet soda.

So What Are The Actual Disadvantages of Diet Soda Intake

The main and proven disadvantage linked with overconsuming diet soda are the effects on dental health, especially in children. The main culprit is sugar, however generally the acidity of diet soda can have quite a negative effect on dental health.

The results when overconsumed and having no regular check ups with your dentist can result in cavities. But saying this, off course the full sugar version of soda will have a much higher and significant impact on dental health than the diet or no-sugar versions.

Thoughts & The Final Verdict

So basically as of right now, there is no scientific evidence or studies which have found any correlation between diet soda and long term health risks. Diet soda including (sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-potassium) were found to be not harmful to your health.

There is also no evidence linking benefits with body composition or fat loss with diet soda intake, the findings also found no link with spiking insulin levels to the point of compromising optimal health levels.

The only research which has been attempting to link health issues with diet soda were to not have equal caloric intake. This is noted that excess caloric consumption does have a correlation with many health problems. So the biggest factors with these studies were not linking health issues with diet soda, but more linking health issues with overconsumption, increased body weight and a consequent metabolic dysfunction.

Like most things in life, overconsumption of anything can be a bad idea. If you want to enjoy a can of diet soda, coke zero, pepsi max, don’t feel guilty. In fact, I recommend all of my clients to have a diet soda can in moderation, when in a caloric restrictive phase this can have amazing psychological benefits.

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