How To Build Confidence With Your Body Language


Communication coming from non-verbal cues represents 55% of our communication, vocal inflection is only 38%, while the actual words that we speak only constitute 7% of our communication. Our body language speaks louder than words and is fundamentally important to change our confidence from the inside and out.

Building confidence inside yourself reflects onto the people around you at all times. Have you ever felt down or a little upset about something which happened in your life? Did the way you feel reflect the tone of your voice? Did it effect the way you were walking or standing? Maybe you noticed your chest was a little slumped and your head was down. When you appear confident you gain more attention an respect which you deserve, and changing your body language leads to inner positivity and confidence even in hard times.

Just by making simple changes with body language you can appear more self-assured and self confident. By changing your body language you are creating a belief system inside yourself that you are a confident person. But how can we make these physical changes?

Stop Fidgeting

Have you ever watched a professional and confident speaker? Now have you ever seen them loosely fidgeting or touching their face, brushing their jeans? Mindlessly fidgeting is an absolute killer when it comes to showing confidence through body language. If you want to show that you are comfortable, keep yourself relaxed and focus on smooth breathing. If it get’s too hard then fold your hands on your lap, or press them against your sides until you feel comfortable enough.

Make Eye Contact

Making direct eye contact is so important when having a conversation and showing your confidence. Always aim for at least 80% eye contact with 20% time you can shift your focus, this is normal for most people when thinking. Showing people that you can look them in the eye when they speak also shows a sign of respect that you appreciate what they are trying to say and that you are confident in who you are.

Keep Shoulders Aligned

Having should shoulders crunched over (even slightly) sends out a clear statement that you lack confidence. Each morning when you wake up, stand straight, align your shoulders straight and look in the mirror and make a conscious effort to do this every morning for 5 minutes. When you speak with people also note where your body is facing, is it facing directly with the person or away towards a window or exit? Standing in a square mark with your partner will show you are interested and confident in yourself.

Steeple Your Hands

This is quite interesting which usually throws people off, think about it… if you are talking to someone who is giving you 100% attention and they are steeping their hands, does this person appear more confident and self assured? Even more secure? The hand steeple in the chest area shows you are confident about what they are saying, and when someone steeples in the lap area it means they are confident about what they are hearing.

And Remember…

Another area to remember for true self confidence is to look after yourself physically. Have a well balanced diet, and a training schedule which fits your lifestyle. If you are new to training and healthy eating you can learn more with a program based on teaching you the fundamentals from mindset, calories, hormonal & recovery optimisation and an effective training program.