The Effects Of Self Sabotage


Most of us don’t even know what self sabotage is – let alone knowing if we are actually doing it to ourselves! So I wanted to talk about this topic because it’s something that can not only effect your body composition goals, it can effect your entire life:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Wealth creation
  • Health

In this post i’m going to talk about what sabotage is, are you being effected without knowing it? and how can we overcome self sabotage and move forward in our lives.

What Exactly Is Self Sabotage?

When it comes to going after success in life, this can be ANY type of success (as listed above), we are showing ourselves as a “symbol” of success. And because we are this elevated “symbol” of success, whether you like it or not you are showing other people in your life that you are more important & significant than them, and unfortunately this can make them feel insignificant and less important with their own lives.

These people will normally either look up to your success in a positive light (and might even be inspired), or they can try and tear you down.. because it might be too hard for them to achieve your success. And the best way they can deal with this feeling is to try and bring you back to their level.

In order to fit back in with society and not be this elevated success “symbol”, we slowly hold back and stop doing the things we are supposed to do in order to achieve continued success. By doing this we avoid the pain of criticism, rejection and jealousy. Every time you have success in your life, you slowly move backwards to ensure you’re being accepted by others. And what is truly sad about self sabotage is so many people don’t achieve the success in life they strive for because we keep sabotaging our selves.

Woman being effected by self sabotage 😉

Are You Being Effected By Self Sabotage & You Don’t Know It?

I can personally say that I have had times when I can see in the past I have sabotaged myself without realising. When starting a new job with the University of Queensland years ago I was happy being a positive influence with my team. At the time when I first started this new position I was given a “cultural change award”, which came with a lunch with the directors and managers from my department.

Although I was happy to accept this award, there were some mixed feeling which came with the award:

  • Will my team think of me differently now?
  • What happens if someone thinks they were more deserving of the award?
  • How will other managers and employees think of me now?

All I wanted was to be out of the limelight, I didn’t want my name in any more emails or awards, and really I just wanted to be the same as everybody else. Now looking back at the situation, I can clearly see that I wasn’t comfortable with potentially being criticised with my success from my team or other employees.

The same goes for your health & fitness, do you feel comfortable around certain friends & family talking about your weight loss goals? If you decided you wanted to compete in a fitness or physique competition, would you feel comfortable telling all your friends? Maybe certain friends and family but not certain people?

We all want comfort and to be accepted, sometimes in life we sabotage ourselves without even knowing we are doing it.

How To Move Past Self Sabotage And Have All The Success You Desire

Step 1 – Identify Your Areas Of Self Sabotage

  • Are you wanting to lose weight but feel that certain friends or family will try to pull you back down?
  • Are you wanting to go after a promotion at work but feel you will be criticised by your colleagues?
  • Do you want to earn more money in your life, but you feel more comfortable staying the same as everybody else rather than taking a leap starting a business venture?

Step 2 – Recreate The Patterns Of The Self Sabotage

  • When and where did this self sabotage start to take place?
  • Which people were involved in the feeling associated with the self sabotage?
  • What are the patterns which link certain events and people to my self sabotage?

Step 3 – Create New Patterns To Override The Self Sabotaging Patterns

  • How can you response to these situations in a more practical way which allows you to continue with your desired goals and results?
  • What are the biggest reasons behind moving forward with these pattern changes?
  • What will you achieve by moving forward in a constructive & practical way?
  • What are the advantages and how will you feel after moving forward past these negative patterns?
  • How will these patter changes effect your life long-term?

Step 4 – Practice The New Behaviours To Form New Habits

Now it’s time to put everything into practice, it’s great to understand the triggers and behavioural patters, however it’s just as important to start practising and forming new habits. Run through past situations in your imagination and change the behaviours to the way you would have treated situation now. Mould these new changes into your sub subconscious every day!


Wrapping It All Up

Self sabotage is more common than one would think, I hope after reading this post you’ve been able to identify some patters and understand some more appropriate and resourceful ways to deal with self sabotage.

But remember it’s your choice to make the changes, you’re in full control of your life and self sabotaging patters can be removed with a simple decision. 

The world is at your feet and you have the choice to implement and change. Ask yourself, are your dream worth it? Are your goals worth it? Who is going to stop you from living the life you desire? The answers are quite clear now aren’t they? 😉

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